COLONY MAGAZINE is a Colony Media company, owned and produced by Nicholas Mattson in Atascadero, California.

As a native of San Luis Obispo County, since 1978, Nic has a passion for the Central Coast, and for Atascadero. After moving back to Atascadero from Mammoth Lakes in 2006, he found a renewed sense of belonging and through COLONY MAGAZINE, he is committed to sharing his passion for his home town and home county.

COLONY MAGAZINE is a lifestyle magazine focused on a special blend of Atascadero-related content and Central Coast-related content, to deliver a high-quality product for local residents and visitors. Our company feels blessed to live and work on the Central Coast, and we have so much to share. We host visitors from around the world looking for a getaway to our world-class beaches and world-famous wine country. We also have new permanent residents and multigenerational families who share strong hometown values and sense of responsibility for our corner of the world.

Far from being idealistic, we know it takes a hard-working village to keep our community balanced and healthy. COLONY MAGAZINE is an avenue of delivery for the content of the local character that makes Atascadero and the Central Coast one of the premiere locations to live and visit.

Please join us in our journey by submitted an article idea, or becoming a regular advertiser for this new publication so we can continue to deliver high-quality content to everyone in Atascadero.

Thank you,

Nicholas Mattson
Publisher, CEO Colony Media
[email protected]

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