Author: Nicholas Mattson

Atascadero Printery finds new owner

After two years of planning and work, the Atascadero Printery Foundation watched the fate of its effort count down from five minutes to zero on Monday, May 15. The foundation made the opening bid for the Atascadero Printery Building in the online San Luis Obispo County tax auction, and on Monday morning, it made the final bid of $300,100 to win the property and complete the first phase of its mission. Prior to the auction, the property was one of dozens of properties caught in limbo as a result of Kelly Gearhart’s fraudulent scheme that ended in a felony...

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Greetings, As a member of our community, Atascadero native, and media producer, I spent the last decade keeping a close eye on the development of our community, and the last few years studying local media, public discourse, social media discussions, and community commentary. When I returned home to Atascadero in 2006, I saw a community filled with potential, and chose to raise my family here in what I considered then and now as the best city on the Central Coast. No place is perfect, but the potential that Atascadero holds is second-to-none. We are a community filled with hard-working,...

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