We deliver high quality content about Atascadero, our neighbors, and people and places of interest around the Central Coast for local residents and visitors.


Our magazine is currently online only, and will begin print distribution in 2018 to the Atascadero and surrounding areas.

Our estimated reach is 45,000 readers per month and the Atascadero market has the highest median income* in SLO County at $66,607, 53% between 18 and 44, and a median age of 40.8 years. *According to the Census Bureau.


People, places, events, entertainment, organizations, dining, travel, outdoor activities, small business, art & music and more. Atascadero and the Central Coast of California.

publisher, editor-in-chief

Nicholas Mattson acheived a reputation for quality in print, online publishing, business ethics, and community awareness & service through the past decade.

Mattson managed two local businesses, and redefined standards in the delivery of service and sales in both quality and quantity. As a writer and editor of local news, he brought a sense of personal responsibility and humanity to community and sports news — receiving accolades and acknowledgements for his work as a journalist and community service.